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Nevada Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

We provide professional liability insurance to Nevada lawyers and law firms who practice in all industries. We work with multiple highly rated insurance companies and have solutions for small and large law firms as well as employed (in-house/corporate) lawyers in Nevada. We also offer all other coverages that Nevada law firms might need, such as workers' compensation, general liability, business packages, and management liability insurance.

Malpractice claims against Nevada lawyers are becoming more frequent and several large verdicts against law firms have been announced in recent years. In order to prove a lawyer's malpractice, a plaintiff must generally show that the lawyer failed to exercise ordinary reasonable skill, care and diligence which resulted in harm to the plaintiff and that such harm would not have occurred but for the lawyer's negligence.

Nevada lawyers professional liability insurance is designed to provide protection to the insured against an actual or alleged act, error or omission committed, attempted, or allegedly committed or attempted, solely in the performance of or failure to perform professional services by the insured. The coverage provided by a lawyers professional liability insurance policy varies from carrier to carrier and some policies provide coverage for Nevada attorneys acting as arbitrators, mediators, lobbyists, escrow agents, title insurance agents, trustees, executors, and other related services.

Nevada lawyers professional liability insurance policies contain various exclusions. Some common exclusions are as follows: Numerous other exclusions are generally included in lawyers professional liability insurance policies. As exclusions vary widely by insurance carrier, they should be carefully reviewed by the insured before a policy is selected to ensure that proper coverage is provided in consideration of the insured's specific activities.

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