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E&O Insurance for Title and Escrow

We offer errors and omissions (E&O) insurance to the following title and escrow professionals:
Escrow professionals act as a neutral third party in a transaction. Escrow professionals are typically employed by an independent escrow company, a title insurance company, or a real estrate broker. Escrow professionals handle the transfer of funds and documents between the parties to a transaction and ensure that all conditions are met before money is paid and a deed is recorded.

Title abstractors research the history of transactions impacting the ownership of a property. The examination performed by title abstractors determines if a property has a free and clear title or if anyone else has a claim on the property. Title abstractors prepare an abstract of title document which summarizes the history of a property.

Title agents are insurance agents who sell title insurance.

Title and escrow professionals can be sued for a variety of reasons and are often included in a lawsuit with every party that participated in a real estate transaction. Because of the importance of the work performed by title and escrow professionals and the opportunity of making an error or omission which may be the basis for a lawsuit, it is important for title and escrow professionals to be covered by E&O insurance.

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