Active Assailant Insurance

We offer active assailant insurance, which is also called active shooter coverage, from a variety of highly rated insurance companies. Active assailant insurance is a product that has been developed to specifically address the increasing risk associated with mass shooting events that have taken place in recent years. Places where people gather and that don't have a high level of security, such as shopping malls, retail stores, theaters, schools, bar, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, live events, amusement parks, religious institutions, and workplaces, face a higher risk of being targeted for mass shootings. Active assailant insurance is designed to help mitigate the financial fallout that can follow one of those unfortunate events.

What coverage is provided by active assailant insurance?

There is no standard active assailant insurance policy and the coverage varies by insurance company. In general, active assailant insurance includes various first-party and third-party coverages that are designed to address the financial impact of an active assailant event, such as the following:

Coverage under the policy is usually triggered by a physical attack by an active assailant event involving the use of a weapon. The amount of available coverage varies by insurance company and some carriers offer policy limits up to $25 million. As the coverage provided under active assailant insurance can differ by insurance company, the policy should be carefully reviewed in order to understand the exact scope and limitations of the coverage.

Who should purchase active assailant insurance?

A mass shooting event can turn out to be a disaster for any organization, not only due to the loss of life and temporary closure, but also because it may cause people to avoid frequenting the business, organization, or venue, resulting in a financial and reputational loss.

The organizations that face a higher risk of being targeted by an active shooter are those that are viewed as soft targets and include the following:

As commercial general liability insurance policies and other insurance products do not properly address the risk associated with active assailants, it is important for these organizations to review their exposure to a mass shooting event and explore how active assailant insurance could help mitigate their exposure to a financial loss.

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