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Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for Advertising Agencies and Media Consultants

We provide professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, to advertising agencies and media consultants.

An advertising agency is typically retained for the purpose of the creation, development and placement of advertising through media including print, direct mail, broadcasting, and outdoor posting for others, for a fee. A media consultant is defined as a professional engaged for the purpose of the placement of advertising.

Advertising agencies and media consultants need professional liability insurance to protect themselves against allegations of professional wrongdoing. Examples of lawsuits against advertising agencies and media consultants can include allegations of false advertising, misappropriation of advertising ideas, failure to procure requested advertising schedule, and breach of contract.

Give us a call to discuss your advertising agencies and media consultants professional liability E&O insurance needs. We also offer all other insurance coverages that advertising agencies and media consultants might need such as general liability, workers' compensation, business packages, and property insurance.