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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

We offer employment practices liability (EPL) insurance to all types of entities in all industries. EPL insurance is a form of liability insurance which is designed to protect employers from certain lawsuits or claims made by employees alleging that their rights have been violated through wrongful acts such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination and other employment-related wrongful events.

An EPL insurance policy typically protects a company including its directors, officers, and employees against claims made by current, former, and prospective employees.

Who needs employment practices liability insurance?

Any company with employees should consider obtaining coverage for employment practices liability insurance. Complaints and lawsuits by employees claiming that their legal rights have been violated have been rising in recent years. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is the federal agency enforcing workplace discrimination laws, handles around 100,000 complaints a year. In addition, certain complaints can be handled by state agencies or can be handled directly through a lawsuit.

Who coverage is provided by EPL insurance?

An EPL insurance policy typically provides liability coverage against actual or alleged wrongful employment-related acts, including but not limited to the following:
EPL insurance can also provide a limited amount of protection against claims made by third parties, such as employees of clients.