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Errors and Omissions Insurance for Claim Adjusters

We provide errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, also called professional liability insurance, to all types of claim adjusters and claim consultants, including:
Claim adjusters and claim consultants are professionals engaged for the purpose of appraising, processing, settling, investigating losses, prospective losses or loss damages which are pertinent to any insurance arrangement. In negotiating settlements, claim adjusters must estimate property values, damages and depreciation.

Claim adjusters purchase errors and omissions insurance to protect themselves against allegations of professional negligence. Examples of lawsuits against claim adjusters include allegations of unfair claims settlement practices, overpayment, and breach of contract.

Give us a call to discuss your claim adjuster errors and omissions insurance needs. We also offer all other insurance coverages that claim adjusters might need such as general liability, workers' compensation, business packages, and property insurance.